Welcome to the Golden Cloud Co. FAQ. Customers often have questions and we are pleased to provide the answers!

Q: What are your shipping methods?
A: We currently offer USPS shipping services to the United States. UPS will be option for domestic or international customers as well (soon!)! Please make sure to select the shipping option you would prefer at check out!

Q: What is "Local Pick-Up?"
A: We are located in Northeast North Carolina. Being a small business we aim to please everyone and we love our local communities. If you are within 30 miles of our location, we are happy to skip the shipping and offer you the opportunity to meet our friendly staff. Only select local pick-up if you are willing to travel a little to receive your order. Orders with local pick-up selected that are from out of state customers WILL NOT  be filled until a shipping option is selected. This will add additional processing time to your order!

Q: I see you mentioned a processing time...what's up with that?!
A: Ah, the dreaded "processing time." We ask that you allow up to 5 business days before your order ship and we often have orders out well before that! Being an online retailer in a booming industry and a small fry at that, we often find that many of our products have sold! Not to worry though! We will have your products to you in a timely fashion! If ever we fall outside of our 5 day processing time, we will contact you IMMEDIATELY to make sure we can make it right with you!

Q: What are "Business Days?"
A: Golden Cloud Co. operates pretty much when the post office does, excluding weekends. Our store hours are Monday-Friday, 10AM to 5PM. If you place your order on a Thursday, the latest it would ship is the following Monday. We are closed on all major U.S. Holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Easter, etc.) Please keep that in mind when waiting on your order starts to feel like an eternity.

Q: My product is defective!!! What do I do?! 
A: Not to fear! Golden Cloud Co. was founded with you in mind! The owner of the company has spent the last few years working B&M's in the Hampton Roads area and is very familiar with defective products! Make sure to check out our return policy for more info on this!

Q: My stuff was broken when I received it....Did I anger you?!
A: Not at all, friend! Sometimes the mail service is a little less than forgiving when it comes to handling other folks stuff. Should you ever receive broken or damaged goods please reach out to us IMMEDIATELY. We will find a way to help you out. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for what the courier does to the package. That doesn't change the fact that we want to help you!

Q: I don't see my concern here...am I out of luck?
A: Absolutely NOT! If we didn't answer your question here, then contact us! Someone will get with you as quickly as they can to help you resolve whatever question or issue you may have!